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Interior Design Questionnaire

1. Which room/rooms do you require assistance with?

2. What activities will happen in the room? eg. eating, watch TV, entertain, do homework?

3. Who uses the room? What ages?

4. How often is the room used? At what time of the day?

5. Do we need to consider kids/pets when we are planning the design?

6. Is there anything about the room you really dislike?

7. Is there anything about the room you love?

8. Does the room feel too small? too tall? too short? too narrow? too wide? too large? too dark?

9. Any structural changes? Knock down or add any walls?

10. Is there any existing furniture/ flooring/ lighting/ pictures/ or accessories you want to keep in the interior design scheme?

11. Is there enough storage in the space? What do you wish to use storage for?

12. How would you like to feel when you are in the room?

13. Do you have any color preferences? Are there existing colors we need to match with?

14. Are you happy with the existing flooring?

15. Are you happy with the existing windows and window frames?

16. Are you happy with the existing interior and exterior doors?

17. Are the lighting fixtures to be changed? What about the switches?

18. What is your approximate budget?

19. What is your timeline?

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