Why hire a colour consultant

Colour is the single most important element of design, and painting, is the quickest and least expensive way to update your home or office.

Colour Theory

Colours are the catalyst for feelings, molding moods and enhancing our lives. Whether you are conscious of it or not, there is no place where the influence is felt more than in the place you call home.

* Simplify the decision making process

Have you ever walked into a paint store and pick a colour for your room only to find that there are 200 different shades and tones of that colour?

* Save time and avoid frustration

How many trips have you made to the paint store, picking up the perfect chip only to find it’s anything but when you get it home?

* Save money by avoiding costly mistakes

Whether it is the cost of a gallon of paint and your elbow grease, or the cost of a professional painter – can you afford to choose wrong?

* Make your paint work for you

Choosing the right colour and finish will transform your space almost instantly.

Working with existing furniture and fixed elements of your home (flooring, cabinets, counter-tops etc.) we help you find the perfect colour to update and coordinate your home or office.

Colour Consultation Rates:
$ 195/hour – based on min. 1.5 hrs
Please, ask us about Fine Finishes Senior’s Discounts